Christians in Academia

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How do academic studies and faith relate? How can intellectual life be shaped by and interact with Christian faith? What does it mean to have a character shaped for academic life?

At upcoming meals and a drink event, gather with other postgraduate students who are exploring a vocation to academic life and research, whether in the natural sciences, medical sciences, social sciences, or the humanities. Add your suggestions for a formation group called Christians in Academia, with a new cohort starting in Trinity 2017, and consider whether you’d like to be a part.

Christians in Academia is run in cooperation with the Oxford Character Project, the Oxford Pastorate, and Developing a Christian Mind, led by Dr Rob Heimburger and Dr Bethan Willis. We envision a series of events involving discussion, prayer, meals, retreats, and mentoring with academics, and last year’s schedule is available here.

Please email Rob or Bethan to find out more details.


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