Christian graduate students and post-docs at Oxford currently do not have many opportunities to integrate their Christian faith and their studies, with the result that many may leave here without developing the capacity to think as Christians about their discipline, let alone more widely about societal and ethical issues. This is a serious failing when current intellectual norms are often rigidly and counter-productively “secular”.

Developing a Christian Mind aims to remedy this by bringing together graduates and post docs with fellow Christian academics from across Oxford. As a graduate or post-doc who follows Christ, the course seeks to equip you with useful intellectual and conceptual tools—a ‘Christian mind’—in the expectation that this experience will assist each person to develop and continue to refine informed and nuanced Christian intellectual responses throughout their lives, whether or not they spend their career in an academic setting. In short, this new initiative hopes to enable you in the community of other scholars to worship the Lord with all of your mind

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“I feel very fortunate to be at Oxford. Few places can bring together so many brilliant minds. Even the talks that didn’t directly apply to my research were fascinating and enjoyable.”

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