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Oxford is full of places to continue the conversation about Christianity and the life of the mind. A non-exhaustive list is below – if you would like to see something added here, contact us.

  • The Oxford Graduate Christian Forum (GCF) meets 7 for 7.30pm every Monday night of term upstairs at the Mitre pub on the High Street, providing space for Oxford postgrads to engage thought-provoking speakers and connect with others.
  • The Veritas Forum is held annually in Oxford.
  • Reading groups are organically emerging among postgrads and faculty on a wide range of topics. For further details, or if you’d like to start a group, contact us. We may be able to connect you with other postgrads or faculty with similar interests!

No shortage of seminars to attend, as well:

  • The Joseph Butler Society, exists to promote discussion in the field of the Philosophy of Religion. Meetings are open to all interested members of the University and their guests.
  • The Anscombe Bioethics Centre is a Roman Catholic academic institute that engages with the moral questions arising in clinical practice and biomedical research holds regular events.
  • McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics, and Public Life supports advanced research on the contribution of Christian theological traditions to the understanding and shaping of moral life—and especially moral issues of public concern—in conversation, at once charitable and candid, with other traditions of religious and philosophical thought. Check for their events.

For a general list of seminars across the University, see Oxford Talks.

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“I found the material very digestible. I also think it posed questions that require further consideration both personally and collectively––i.e. it’s the beginning, not the end!

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